Stacked Deck – The Star


If any artists come across this and want to draw this issue? Hit the Contact link and let me know. I use a very simple and generous Collaborative Contract on everything.

This is one story in a series I’ve outlined. About five other scripts for stories in the series have been fully completed.

Before you get to it, one other point I’d like to make. You might notice something in the header on each page:

All characters must be diverse. No whitewashing. This includes foreground and background characters. Unless a character is specified a certain race/status, be diverse.

I include this text in every script that I write. This is incredibly important to me as one of a few billion people who happens to exist on this planet at this time. I implore any creative person who works in a collaborative environment to include something akin to the above in all of their work. The artists I’ve talked to have expressed, never in a negative way, that they create by what they are exposed to. It’s their world that they put on the page. They’ve thanked me for putting this on each page as a reminder of a larger world so that they don’t get locked in to a specific world view when it comes to diversity.

Now, onto the story…

Stacked Deck – The Star (©2014 Spider N. Mann)


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