Bad Things Happen When No One Is Looking

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should be doing so) you may have caught some previews of a comic series I’m working on. Perhaps even discussions with other Twitter folks about a title for it. (Melissa and I tend to have some very interesting conversations on Twitter.) I haven’t said much about it because, like so many things I write for comics, I haven’t found an artist yet. That’s a rant for another time though because today I’m letting everyone read the first nine pages of issue three. You don’t get to read the awesome issue two where the main characters, Rosie and Mara, have a very interesting post sex fight that, to me and those who’ve read it, is one of the best character interaction moments I’ve ever written.

What you do get to read is a pivotal moment in Rosie’s backstory. You have no context of who Thad truly is like you do in the full issues but man, what a prick. I think this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever written and I’ve written some truly disturbing stuff.

One more quick note before you read this: I have edited this for reading. The story is the same but some art direction has been removed from the panels. I want this to be read as a story more than a script even though it’s in script format.

I should also warn those with bad and/or violent childhoods that this might trigger something. It’s a long and horrible domestic violence scene.

SO Wrong 3 Preview

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