This is the résumé I send when applying for a job. You may notice something kind of missing and that is the high school I went to. This is the internet, I’m not going to give that up on a publicly available website.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this résumé please use the Contact link above and let me know. I readily accept all constructive criticism.

Recent Experience

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Unit Lead 3/2014 – 7/2016

Private Sector Equivalent Positions: Executive Assistant, Assistant Supervisor/Manager, Training Lead, Office Manager

Served as Team Leader, consecutively, for two units (Evening Data Capture and Quality & Resources) in the Tax Operations Division. Set work directive, scheduled and assigned work, managed performance and provided training to meet unit and division goals. Acted as first point of contact for teams ranging in size from 18 to 40 employees.

Designed and implemented successful training programs for new and returning employees tailored to group, one-to-one and Computer Based Training settings. Edited and created work procedures, training manuals and supplemental materials required for high quality production. Made reasoned, logical and outside-the-box changes to enhance and create more efficient workflows.

Scheduled and led meetings for training, new employee orientation, dissemination of information, receiving feedback from employees, one-on-one meetings with employees to help overcome concerning behavior, and working with other units to enhance production.

Created and maintained various Excel databases for unit and employee statistics, asset management and analysis. Performed analysis to adjust for changing goals, further training of unit and individual employees, reporting trends/statistics to supervisors and other units.

Initiated and led changes for a positive work environment in which employees felt engaged, empowered, and excited to come to work.

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Office & Admin Specialist Intermediate 11/2011 – 7/2016

Private Sector Equivalent Positions: Analyst, Data Entry

Worked on special projects in the Tax Research Division such as the Annual Income Sample and the Reciprocity Study. Both projects were mandated by the State Legislature and were produced by working with confidential data at both State and Federal levels requiring discerning security measures.

The Annual Income Sample determined the outlook for the State of Minnesota budget and was used by the Legislature to approve funding for continuing and new programs/services. Accuracy in data collection, correction and analysis was paramount.

The Reciprocity Study determined whether the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin would once again collect income tax for residents who lived in one state and worked in the other. The results fed into the State budget outlook as well as determined policy and law for two states. Again, accuracy in data collection, correction and analysis was paramount.



Highly skilled in

  • Procedure Writing
  • Manual Writing
  • Leadership
  • Supervisory Functions
  • Boosting and maintaining team morale
  • Creating environments that celebrate diversity

Expert knowledge in

  • Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, et al)
  • Computers in general
  • Quickly learn software to expert level

Experience in

  • Retail Sales
  • Inventory
  • Customer Service


High School Diploma

  • Editor-in-Chief of School Newspaper

Independent Courses

Leadership Skills in Business – Alison Certification



  • Computer Education
  • Workspace Setup
  • Web deployment and design
  • Analog to Digital Conversion (VHS, LP, Tape, Photos to Digital formats)


CPR/AED Certification with Child/Infant Included

  • American Heart Association

Paid Lecturer, Annual

  • Sociology and Criminology, Penn State University

Continually given “Gold S.T.A.R.” awards for exceptional service to co-workers and employees at Minnesota Department of Revenue