My friends over at FuseBomb Films put on a production of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD over the Halloween and post-Halloween Week. They reached out over Twitter to see if I wanted to lend some voiceover work to their production to which I said, “YES!”. It might’ve actually been “FUCK YEAH!”. I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to find the tweet.

I was sent my lines and it was exactly what I was hoping; radio and news announcer stuff AND the badass son of a bitch Sheriff* who isn’t scared one whit by all that zombie nonsense.

I admit it was a bit hard trying to figure out some of the voices. I do have quite a few in my pocket but this was serious business and no funny could find its way in. I used my regular voice for a few then went into some slightly different voices for others. However, I’m most proud of my Sheriff. It was a voice that just came out of nowhere with all the swagger and attitude that belonged to the character. I absolutely loved doing this, as I do all the times I lend my voice to something, and want to do more.

These are MP3 versions so that more people can play them in browser.

These are the Civil Defense (Emergency Broadcast System type alert) bits:



Here are the DJ spots. I ended up changing the words a bit as I went on as they felt better rolling off the tongue. I don’t know which version was used but, like all who do this, I did what the director asked for as well:




This is Sheriff McClelland by himself:


This is the Reporter  who is interviewing McClelland:




And, because I’m that type of person, I had put together the spot of myself (Reporter) interviewing myself (McClelland):


It’s very weird but cool hearing yourself interview yourself.

And that was a Tuesday evening I had in October.


*The Sheriff was played live by someone else, which I’m totally okay with. He’s required to be in person for the story to work. This does mean that my Sheriff voice is totally available for whatever project you have, though. :)

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