The Last Journal

December of 2010 I had this idea to write a first person account of the last surviving human on a planet. It might’ve been Earth, it might’ve been Mars, it might’ve been an alternate Earth. Who knows? Not I because I stopped. Perhaps I will pick it up again some day. Maybe I won’t.

Nonetheless here is what was written down. It’s rough and you can see the repetitiveness of it from the get go which is probably why I stopped writing it; I hate repeating myself.


October 23rd

I really have no idea what happened. There was nothing on the news, be it radio or television, about how this could have come to be. No warning, no instructions on how to deal with it. It’s as if I woke up one morning and the world was already dead.

The date up there isn’t exact. Guess I should tell you that before continuing. I was sleeping off a shit of a hangover when everyone else disappeared. You hear (heard?) people say that they could sleep through an A-bomb, guess that makes me one of those people.

The date isn’t exact because I lost count. All this happened sometime between July 5th and July 7th. I woke up a few times during the hangover to puke and munch some food, then quickly went back to sleep. There was no reason for alarm: the neighbors had always been quiet ones; the police never came to the area with their sirens going off. It was a quiet suburb that rarely if ever saw any trouble come its way.

Okay, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself here, jumping around. Just not too used to actually writing down my thoughts for someone else to read, especially when I’m not even sure anyone else is going to read this.

Here is what I do know: sometime between July 5th and July 7th everyone disappeared. No bodies, no corpses, no trace that any other living person had ever existed. There was no fallout, no burning fields, and no natural disaster that I can discover.

The strange thing about it is that almost everything still works. Electricity is still traveling to sockets and dial tones are still on telephones. The only thing missing from the usual conveniences is radio and TV.

Animals are still here living, breeding, and dying as normal.

Since the day I woke up and found myself alone I’ve been trying to find a sign of any other survivor. So far nothing. I am keeping this journal for a few reasons, the main one to try and keep sane. You have no idea how hard it is being truly alone.

The second reason is that this might be the last word of the human race. I know I’m not the best person to write this but someone has to. As the only person left I guess that someone has to be me.

October 27th

I realized the other day that I never explained the relative date of this journal. When I said most everything worked I neglected to mention what doesn’t. This is another part of the weirdness that has happened: any electronic item that could hold a date no longer does. All dates are reverted to their default, like when a new battery is put into a camera it sets itself to January 1st.  Even those signs out front of banks or important buildings (at least buildings you felt were important but never really knew what was going on inside of them) reset themselves.

For the first few days I tried to keep the date on an iPod but after setting the date it would reset itself. I decided to get a calendar and mark the days off, and that worked well for the first few weeks until I lost the calendar during a freak rainstorm.

I’m sure this is getting repetitive but here is some more weirdness for you: the weather. If I stay in one place too long it goes sour, like someone is trying to push me towards some destination. I tested this theory one week, staying inside of a pretty structurally sound hotel, eating and relaxing. Within two days the rains started, after four days a blizzard hit.

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