The best of nearly 500 @fark headlines I created

According to my Fark profile I’ve been a member since May 22nd, 2004 and my first post was October 11th of that year in the Christopher Reeve death thread, but I’ve been lurking much longer than that. I currently have 495 greenlights recorded (with many more pulled for being duplicate headlines) and have hit almost every “tag” there is. Since I’m coming up on the big 500 I decided to share my favorites.

I’m not, by any means, the most prolific submitter on the site. There are more than enough people with far more greenlights than I have. I tend to go in waves and have droughts (which I am currently in, coincidentally) where I can’t get a greenlight for months. That is the secondary meaning of this post: to give me some inspiration. Plus it never hurts to look at old headlines and get one more laugh out of them.

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