The Dream That Failed

You can have a dream for a very long time before seeing it come true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, it seems like it’s never going to happen. That the dreams are just that, ethereal snippets of a life you wistfully remember wanting while the grind of daily life and the reality of responsibilities chip away at your resolve to make them come true.

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My friends over at FuseBomb Films put on a production of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD over the Halloween and post-Halloween Week. They reached out over Twitter to see if I wanted to lend some voiceover work to their production to which I said, “YES!”. It might’ve actually been “FUCK YEAH!”. I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to find the tweet.

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Saving Master Pandemonium

Since I doubt I’d even be able to propose this to Marvel I figure I may as well lay out my idea on how to put the character of Master Pandemonium to rest.

Why do I want to get rid of him? Well, I don’t… not really. However, he is a character that has lived longer than he has needed to. He is outdated and nowhere near relevant anymore but my idea would make him (along with a few other characters) relevant one more time. Continue reading Saving Master Pandemonium

20 years later…VINDICATION

About twenty years ago (might actually be longer) I heard a song.

One of my uncles had gotten me into Oldies music. You know, birth of rock n roll up through the British Invasion and such. Discovered a lot of great songs that I had never really paid any attention to before. Later on, as I got into the age of being legal, I used to go to a local car hop that not only had classic car shows in the parking lot (and the best milkshakes ever) but exclusively played the Oldies station. When CD burners first really became affordable I used to spend hours making the perfect mix CDs with Oldies on them. These songs still sit in my iTunes and on my iPod to this day. They don’t collect any digital dust and are played frequently.

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#MakingComics the non-Marvel way

I’m a lifelong comic book fan. Yes, I still call them comic books even though some insist on them being called graphic novels. I can hang with either, really.

I still remember the first comic I got: Conan The Barbarian #69, a tale of Conan being captured, brought into a sea side village and killing a sea monster that the villagers had been terrorized by at the exact moment Conan showed up.

My first comic

It was high adventure with just enough of a creep factor to make me want more.

From there I went into Spider-Man and other heroes, moved on to some independent stuff, and these days I read just about everything. For a kid who immersed himself into everything that had come before and has tried to keep up with everything that has come since it’s been a grand time. From seeing the rise and fall of Innovation comics and their great adaptations of novels and television shows to Image comics coming out of the 90s and into the new millennium with some of the greatest creator owned properties ever. Marvel still tickles my fancy and DC still gets some great stories out of their iconic characters.

One thing I’ve always loved, though, were the old EC Tales From The Crypt and Charlton horror comics. I could read those things over and over and never get tired of them.

As of April 19th I officially join them.

Anyone who has read my Twitter feed knows that for the past year I’ve been thinking about doing a comic, adapting a short story I wrote to the medium. During that time I have also written numerous other short stories that have followed a central theme (more on that later in the year) that I’ve decided would work great in the comics medium as well. After posting on Twitter and getting a lukewarm response (us non-verified people tend to not get much feedback from Twitter at large) I decided, quite randomly, to post a no BS ad on Craigslist. Here is that ad:

the CL ad

From this ad I got a few responses from interested people. A few petered out, some just weren’t the right fit, but one guy blew me away with his art and enthusiasm for the story. We decided to meet and sign a Collaborative Contract.

That meeting was today. We hit it off, talked about various things, and signed the contracts. After talking a bit more we found out a very interesting thing about us: we work in the same building at our day jobs. This blew our minds completely. It was a very surreal moment.

There you have it. I’m writing comics. I don’t expect fame or riches or even a fast track into becoming the “next hot thing” but damned if I’m not excited. I can’t wait to get some art and show it off. I can’t wait to put proposals together and send them off to Image, IDW, Dynamite and a few others.

The little kid who still remembers that first comic, reading about Conan fighting the monster from the deep, is now hoping to have that same effect on a young one and get them into reading comics.

More to come as I can share.