Lyrics: Whip Worshipped Gods

Out of nowhere the other day lyrics popped into my head. This is actually an unusual occurrence for me as I don’t write songs or even poetry much anymore. However, now and again, a lyric or a verse will come up and it will simmer in my cranium, knocking around like a loose bolt that I just can’t shake out. When this happens it’s usually just that, a lyric or a verse, and nothing more. Once in a great long while a full song’s worth of lyrics will come out. I never do anything with them beyond opening a Word document, typing them out, saving them, then moving on. Continue reading Lyrics: Whip Worshipped Gods

The Sounds Inside My Head

Ever wonder what your nightmares sound like? I did. A long time ago I was successful in putting two nightmares into sound. I even went so far as to put them up on the iTunes Music Store and people bought them. Not a lot of people, but still. If you download these two audio samples and have iTunes Match? They should still match. Continue reading The Sounds Inside My Head

The Last Journal

December of 2010 I had this idea to write a first person account of the last surviving human on a planet. It might’ve been Earth, it might’ve been Mars, it might’ve been an alternate Earth. Who knows? Not I because I stopped. Perhaps I will pick it up again some day. Maybe I won’t.

Nonetheless here is what was written down. It’s rough and you can see the repetitiveness of it from the get go which is probably why I stopped writing it; I hate repeating myself. Continue reading The Last Journal