I’ve spent many hours throughout my life getting my résumé down to the industry accepted two-pages while trying to tell a full story. I can be succinct, yet what I have done in previous positions cannot fully be expressed in my résumé in a way that does proper justice to the results and responsibilities I’ve had. When it comes time for an interview I find that I spend more time giving background to my résumé than I do discussing the job I’m applying for, which is not ideal for either party.

Therefore, I have decided to turn my website into my résumé. That way the full story and detail and be expressed without cutting corners. I hope you, a prospective employer, will take the time to explore my varied background and agree that I can enhance your organization. When you’re done, I hope you use the Contact button up at the top to open lines of communication for my joining your team.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to look through this site and I look forward to discussing mutually beneficial employment.